Sunday School

Sunday school classes for all ages are offered at 9:15. There are two adult classes in the fall of 2023. Please contact Pastor Brian ( for more details or just show up and we will help you find the right class.

What is the Church…and What is the PCA?

Description: An overview of ecclesiology (the doctrine of the church - leadership, membership, purpose) - and a general introduction to the history, theology, and structure of the Presbyterian Church in America (the denomination to which CPC belongs).

Intended Audience: Any CPC member, regular attendee, or visitor who wants to learn more about the local church generally - and the PCA specifically. 

Hospitality, Adoption, and Care for Vulnerable Children

Description: Encouragement, discipleship, and group discussion in gospel-centered hospitality and caring for vulnerable children (adoption, foster care and Safe Families).

Intended Audience: Anyone who has an interest in growing in a heart of hospitality and discovering more about adoption, Safe Families, foster care, or support of those who are engaged in such ministry.