Our Missionaries

Hope for Haiti

Heart-Only-Logo-Chicago-Friends-of-Haiti-High-ResIn connection with a PCA church planter and missionary in Haiti (Dony St. Germain), the Cavaillon Children's Village helps to provide for the needs of the 85 children and 15 staff. CPC Wheaton joins with several other churches in the Chicago Metro Presbytery who support the multi-facted, gospel-centered work in Haiti. Learn more here.

Ian & Hanna Hammond

Screenshot 2023-10-28 at 3.53.10 PMIan and Hanna married during his time at Reformed Theological Seminary in Jackson, Mississippi. During their time in Jackson, they planted an RUF International among the students at Mississippi College. While serving with RUF International, both Ian and Hanna were convinced that serving internationals was the best job in the world, so upon graduation, they moved to Evanston, IL to plant an RUF-I at Northwestern University and serve there full-time. Ian enjoys good movies, good books, and being a mediocre basketball player.

Derrick & Rae Sekamalira

sekamalirasDerrick and Rae are serving the Lord Jesus in Kampala, Uganda where they're seeking to plant Bible teaching, gospel centered, and reproducing churches. They're also training and raising up future pastors and leaders for the region. Their ministry is reaching out to people from diverse religious and ethnic backgrounds including Kampala's refugee population. They're part of Ripe for Harvest World Outreach



Imbumi and Martha Makuku

MakukuImbumi and Martha Makuku are native Kenyans who came to know Christ as their Savior and Lord in their early teens. They met while working with World Vision in the slums of Nairobi, were married July 31, 1994 and have two boys, Elmer and Isaac, as well as legal custody of several other children. At the urging of friends and mentors, Imbumi came to the United States under a full scholarship to attend Reformed Theological Seminary in Orlando, Florida and received his Master of Divinity Degree in 1999. He returned to Kenya and worked for Sudan Interior Mission in the slums training pastors, but he always felt his calling was to preach to the lost. In 2002, he began the Kibera Reformed Presbyterian Church (KRPC) in the poorest section of the Kibera slum, Silanga Village. Since then, the Makuku's ministry, under the Mamlaka Foundation, has expanded to include a school, feeding program, and health education outreach at the church, as well as the purchase of land outside the slum that includes a guest house, the Shunem Family Home, a ‘farmhouse,’ vegetable gardens, livestock, gristmill, and most recently, the Hope Community Church.

Sekolah Lentera Harapan (SLH)

sekolah_lentera_harapanSekolah Lentera Harapan (SLH) is a group of Reformed Christian schools throughout Indonesia designed to provide a high-quality education for less fortunate people by applying an integrated and balanced transformational education through knowledge, faith and character. Implementing various educational approaches with qualified education and support whilst reliving the vision of our founders, we strive to help and serve children who dream to be in school. With this, we hope we could nurture the seed of the future leaders in these children who are entrusted to us, by God. Currently, there are 17 SLH schools with 9,707 students established in Lampung to Papua, with 815 Kindergarten students, 4,319 Primary students, 2,682 Junior High students and 1,891 Senior High students.

Neopolis Global Church Planting Network

1531404594931Neopolis Global Church Planting Network is committed to planting Reformed, gospel-centered, expositionally-driven, multi-ethnic local churches in key cities around the world. You can find more information on the website: https://neopolisnetwork.org. Pastor Jon serves as a founding board member of Neopolis, whose founder is Pastor Jon Dennis (senior pastor of Holy Trinity Church in Chicago).

Hunter and Laura Quinn

Screenshot 2023-10-28 at 3.48.35 PMHunter and Laura Quinn are called to minister to university students in Cape Town as part of the MTW church-planting team in South Africa. They long to see students come to love Christ and His Church, a desire planted in them through their time with Reformed University Fellowship (RUF) at Oklahoma State. Having participated as both students in RUF and staff with RUF-International, Hunter and Laura understand how people desperately need to hear about Jesus and to join a gospel-centered church. This is especially true of Cape Town's universities, where students from all across the African continent come to study but also experience the pull of secularism, tribal religions, and false teaching. They are excited to be a part of growing the Reformed Presbyterian churches through campus ministry in a country afflicted by the prosperity gospel. Pray for the Quinns as they evangelize and disciple university students in South Africa.

Elijah and Jessie Brook

Screenshot 2024-01-20 at 1.12.37 PMElijah and Jessie Brook are missionaries with MTW called to Leven, Scotland where Elijah will help co-plant a Free Church of Scotland congregation with Rev. Geoff Murray and his family. The Brooks first moved to Scotland in 2018 after their first year of marriage and began serving at a local church in south Edinburgh called Cornerstone. There Elijah trained for pastoral ministry and continued his theological studies while Jessie studied biblical counseling and served in women’s and teen’s ministries. During the last 5 years they welcomed their first child (Greyson) and continued to follow God’s call to local church ministry within the Free Church. By co-planting a church in Leven, the Brooks will be helping reach a town whose people are mostly unreached with the gospel and ministering to a large number of people suffering from many versions of hopelessness (broken homes, poverty, addiction, etc.) with the eternal hope found in Christ alone.

Julian and Rachel Bacon

thumbnail_1694806552701blobJulian and Rachel Bacon are currently living in Brussels, Belgium, and have a one-year-old daughter. Julian is a native Belgian and an ordained teaching elder in the PCA. Rachel is American, having been born to missionary parents in the Philippines and later spending the majority of her life in North Carolina. Rachel and Julian met in 2014 in the Netherlands while doing volunteer work and seminary respectively. Since then they have had a strong joint call to ministry in Western Europe. After five years in ministry in North Carolina, they have been serving the church in Belgium since 2021. They are part of a church planting team. Rachel also works with Community Bible Study International, an inductive Bible study organization. You can find out more about their church here.

The Trinity Center for World Missions

GULUCHURCHThe Trinity Center for World Missions creates seminaries, which create pastors, which create churches, which create disciples. They currently have 600 students being actively trained, right now, across 7 teaching sites, in 5 African nations. Their main campus is in Kapchorwa, Uganda, and they also have classes in Kenya, Tanzania, Burundi, and Rwanda. In addition to creating seminaries, they seek to continue ministering to and partnering with their students after they graduate through Trinity Biblical Institute Network for Church Planting and Church Growth. In addition to TBI Seminary and Trinity Network, they care for the physical and relational needs of our brothers and sisters in Africa through Trinity Mercy Works. You can learn more at trinitycwm.com.

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